Monday, September 12, 2016

Missing the train....

I am my father's daughter, he worked in airlines so timelines were his specialty complete with predictions made. 
I have yet to "miss the train" but, last week courtesy of the holiday and picking people up from the airports I did not take my usual commute. 

I missed the train and my commute in general. From the near panic state of waiting for the bus to arrive to the rush of trying to get off the train I missed the noise, the smell, the reassurance of a 15 ton vehicle pulling 6 cars behind it to the nauseating noise of listening to someone relate their life tale in a louder than normal voice in a compact space of a train or bus. 

I also do not like traffic. Seriously, I can work my way around it but, I found myself clenching my teeth so hard that my jaw hurt. 

I would demand before driverless cars hit the road every driver MUST demonstrate for 100 hours the ability to merge into traffic that is after 200 hours of demonstrating in different scenarios the practice of using their turn signals. 

Is it too much? Am I being a stick in the mud for people being able to actually drive when they do and use the tools on the vehicle to do it. 

Oh and when there are driverless cars on the road what about the motorcyclist ? What will he / she do? Do they get remote controlled travel too. 

What about airplanes? Will there still be pilots? Driverless cars won't really stop traffic but I know this much...

I would rather take the train. 

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