Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My reasoning for decluttering ...the one that motivates me everytime I go shopping

As much as I talk about having children, family and friends the reality is I am going to die.

I am going to die alone.

No offspring, no one to bequeath my stuff to not even a dog.

So, one day I was watching a show about where they found a bunch of stuff ...after this person died ...alone.

While I feel a lot of pride having accomplished so very much I admit I am glad I do instead of some stranger finding that I packed away family heirlooms in a box with socks.

There are a lot of socks and envelopes randomly I have a lot of empty envelopes ...maybe for all my fan letters I was going to send?

So, maybe its OCD or just the horrible thought some stranger throwing the photos of my family in the trash without looking at them first.

Here are some articles to motivate you too....get rid of those random unopened donation requests...

The NY Times  has the most concise resources. George Bell life and death  

Cosmopolitan shows you the 18 Signs you will be alone 

What happens in St. Louis when you die 

Then there is this

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