Friday, September 2, 2016

News = Gossip = News ?

Okay, I am about to go on a tangent so if you don't want to read about IfOnly and local newspaper critic and some grey details ( literally very grey ) go read Condiment Magazine now .

Okay still here?
Alright, there is a magazine called San Francisco  its a glossy mag that you can only find at sponsored events and beauty salons in Nieman Marcus. I pick up a copy from time to time to remind me I am not in San Francisco but just its orbit.

There was an article about a restaurant critic, his partner and Trevor Traina who has created IfOnly to make unique experiences for the very unique.

Now IfOnly is a relatively new nonprofit and trust me Trevor Traina does not have to ask to get publicity for his projects ( fyi : linked to Danielle Steel and Dede Wilsey ).

IfOnly is really just a great opportunity for you to raise funds and have a unique albeit very exclusive experience.

The problem for our trepid reporters today is that doesn't sell magazines or get "tongues wagging". It does the exact opposite, people think "oh great another billionaire with a pet project"

So instead the article hints at the misgivings of one of the contributors. A contributor whom is sleeping with the notable food critic in town. I give Rebecca Flint a hearty golf clap because she dug ...bore down deep to get to the bottom if Bauer's significant other was causing the chefs undue stress by cajoling them to do events for IfOnly without actually saying that in so many words.

Underneath the poorly veiled insinuation that Bauer's paramour was putting undue influence on the City's restaurants was really not only well written and very detailed in attempt to get Mr. Traina to take the bait.

It was pathetic gossip.

Seriously, very pathetic and considering this glossy is part of the "Modern Luxury" that sells for *cough* $4.99 its definitely not worthy of the paper its printed on apparently.

Yet, the article stands out not only as a reminder to be careful who's whom you talk to but that press even gossip isn't always good for business.


Those restaurants charge well over $50 a plate drinks are harder to come by and the actual chefs ...way to tired to be wasting time to gossip over a nonprofit when probably everyday a nonprofit ask for publicity or donations or help with their campaigns.

Worse Michael Bauer and his paramour are like old ...seriously like 70's old talking crass about the elders in the community is nothing but cheap. Worse, if Flint wants a change of guard so to speak why didn't she check to see WHOM is actually writing those reviews believe or not I have an inkling that Mr. Bauer has an understudy ( cough intern cough ) and he is on the payroll not because of his history but because his costs are on budget so to speak.

What I gather is that you can have a great experience on Omaze or try IfOnly opportunities there are some that are under $100 like a signed book by an actress!

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