Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Now Hiring For Superheroes Workplace

Can you imagine what the job ad looks like for Star Labs administrative staff looks like?
What about Wayne Financial ? Palmer Tech?
Remember there was janitor for Star Labs ...well he isn't around any more

What about all those people that work in the building below the top floor at Queen Consolidated? They need more than the floors wiped clean they need to do expense reports

Here is a few snippets of "help wanted" "craigslist ads" for people to work for superheroes

Night Building Manager:
Starling City, Queen Consolidated

As Night Building Manager, you will

  • Ensure all aspects of Queen Consolidated  operations are processed correctly and accurately recorded, protecting the brand and asset against liability and fraud.
  • Audit, balance, post and report on after business financial transactions timely function and optimal operations management.
  • Provide upmost confidentiality and report audit final, after ensuring all revenue is in balance.
  • Attend to the front desk.

Customer Service /Office Assistant
S.T.A.R Labs Central City

Work for a high energy, fast-paced, cutting edge company! S.T.A.R Labs is looking for the next level individual with a keen mind who is able to handle multiple customer accounts and become part of the culture of excellence.

Great opportunity for the individual who has experience in customer service/call centers, preferably in the science or alternative high energy manufacturing.

The team is looking for someone who loves dealing with people and can maintain extremely difficult level of confidentiality.

This is a great opportunity for a college graduate or a college professor, we don't mind what time you are familiar with but, we do need you to show up to work!

Marketing Manager :
Digital Publisher / Content Strategist

Star City Palmer Technologies

Compensation$70,000 Annually
Benefits Offered : Vision, Medical, Dental, Life Insurance
Employment Type:Full-Time

Who we are:
This is your opportunity to join Palmer Technologies in a partnership with Starling City Government to rebrand and strengthen this city of ours. You will be working to revitalize the city as STAR CITY teaching people that we are open for business. You will support a diverse private-public team with the common goal. We hire great people to achieve our goals and this project is top priority to our CEO Ray Palmer. We want to change the way this country thinks and we'd love for you to be a part of that mission!

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