Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Repeat Post ...Finding Patience and Love in the Kitchen

This post was from 2014 when seeing movies was my escape now I just want to get a passport

Saturday, August 23, 2014

More Patience

After my friend and I went to see the Disney film produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg “100 Foot Journey" we talked about what else….our sad, single love lives.

I immediately remembered the three times I cooked for a man and how horrible the relationship was but my cooking was Awesome! No, really it was way better than what the relationship ever was. Where as my friend related the time her one true love nearly killed her with a home cooked meal.

We laughed as we remembered the film scenes where the two main characters sit by a stream and basically have a picnic. That brought up ideal places to have a picnic and what we would serve and how we wish we could date the Patriarch Om Puri because his character was way more fun than the rest of the cast. I could easily see Om Puri’sFather figure and I scheming in the kitchen together ( Plus I do like older men ).

Yet, its thru the act of cooking that the characters fall in love and isn’t love an element when one cooks? If Love is fiery you would add peppers and spice to your dish. Love can be cool like a silky gelato. Love can be delicate and fruitfull like a tart. We associate so many foods with the very essence of Love that I think in 100 Foot Journeywe see how the kitchen is just the background to the Love boiling away on the stove.

Like any experienced Sous Chef, you have to have the patience to put together a dish just as outside the kitchen you have to wait to find your soul mate.

The ingredients for the dishes are simple and refined from fresh strawberries to sea urchins whom delicate texture you can not taste but the experience in the first few minutes makes you long to go to the seashore and try a fresh sea urchin yourself.

Sometimes when I cook I only have three items with me and simple salt and pepper for seasoning. I looked up the recipes for the dishes and wanted to do my own version but I had no patience for gently whisking the ingredients together as was so artfully displayed on the movie screen.

While there is conveniences where you can get a dish to go from a five star restaurant I wanted to go into the kitchen and listen to the music created from sizzling meat and the heart beating sound of chopping vegetables and be swept up in the aroma of the onions sweating in a pan.

Its when I realized having patience isn’t exclusive to love but patience in the kitchen allows you to find love.
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