Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Did I tell you I am decluttering? I have gotten down to about 17 outfits and just 10 pairs of shoes ...kinda

You see I have four pairs of tennis shoes ...and I need more. I can't wear the Converse to work out in ..its just not practical plus they are one size too big.

This is a problem for me as I need to work out.

Out of the four pairs I have to get rid of two of them because I have worn them out ...walking for me and in preparation for the Alzheimers walk on October 8th.

Oh! but there is about a dozen or so walks before then.


I can't walk in the work shoes collection because well those also are now a size too big. 

So I have been spending time on Shoeography  and Zappos more than normal. 

I really like some shoes but others are telling me I need to go rob a bank before I try them on. 

Then I went Here to DSW and just about did not pay my rent for the month. 

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