Thursday, September 15, 2016

Subscription Box : Loved + Blessed

I recently went thru a very difficult period of my life. I had no one literally no one to vent to and it was painful. I could not tell my siblings about the mental anguish I was going thru trying to declutter the storage unit or how looking at my father's cowboy hats hurt me. I couldn't tell friends that I was actually scared when I wasn't finding a job and how difficult it was to sign up for Unemployment Insurance because I felt like a failure. I could not tell people that while I was sending them odd and end stuff I felt so horribly alone in this world.

I could not tell people or answer that question "how are you?" without totally ignoring it and saying I am fine. I put on a brave face a lot just getting up in the morning to move past the despair I felt inside.

I look back now and am very grateful for something so small but when I could not speak out inspired me to keep going on.

No Matter the negative feelings or the bleak view my eyes showed me I had the cards from Loved+Blessed as touchstones for me. 
When I found out a friend of mine died and I couldn't go to her. When I watched the horror on the television and the perpetual bad news. When I had to listen to a medical professional tell me they were not going to be the one to help me and I had to go see another doctor. When I was laughed at by someone I liked. When I still showed up to events and I still promoted other things instead of ranting and raving. 
When I did finally open the release valve a little my relief was my ability to keep going to the next day, event, promised time. 
All the while I had these prayer cards, posters, and reminders from Loved+Blessed to consult and get my bearings straight. Reassurance was in short supply but yet I knew I could and would get passed this too. 

Now I am not saying my life is all roses and such but you learn quickly when you need someone to listen to you and they are not there you do not need them as much as you thought. 

Spending $10 for a small reminder that you are worthy of love and more is totally worth the expense because trust me it can get dark Loved+Blessed was one of the few bright spots in my life recently. 

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