Tuesday, September 27, 2016

That was Quick! Loved+Blessed subscripton box

As a few people now know I had a difficult summer complete stressed out and I had stopped some of my subscriptions but I got renewed for the fall.

Loved+Blessed do a great job with the resources that they have. Also they sent my box quick less than a week later I had it.

The theme is different as the months go but honestly the products are worthwhile the investment in yourself.
Simple quality and sturdy I really appreciate these items and share them when I can.

Recently, I lost a friend and I thought about the fact I sent this person Loved+Blessed items did they know the value that they have and how I tried to value them? It speaks volume when someone can not say thank you.

So I say Pray for them is good too! You don't have to share your blessings even if you only spend $10 a month on the items that help you get the day going !
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