Monday, September 5, 2016

The Sweatshirt...

This past spring the campus I like to think I would be at when I was younger turned into the worst thing imaginable ...a crime scene.

Since 2006 I have had a sweatshirt that I knew when I wore it was immediately recognized and immediately the head nod acknowledging that "yeah you're good".

This Spring my stomach churned and dropped as I read about the crime and ensuing trial.

I was appalled, disenchanted and ashamed.

Any campus can become a crime scene so why is there an acceptable amount of ignorance on the campus and by the education system to allow the crimes to perpetrate and cultivate in our society.

The excuses are worse than when a person is shot 85 times by three police officers ( what the first bullet didn't kill the person?).

I had to decide on my sweatshirt, would I declutter it? I have had it for 10 years and it is way beyond comfortable or fashionable. Its still one sweatshirt I will grab as I head out the door.

I want to erase the crime scene I don't want to validate that horror. The missed opportunity for justice to be served. The outrage is real and been reinforced and valid.

Yet, I can't let go of my sweatshirt that I have to rethink about ...where am I going? What if someone asks me about the incident ?

I have tucked it in the back of the closet rolled up sitting under a pile of towels and sweats.

Maybe I will take it out but most likely I won't ...the wound is visible and nothing is aged the vitriol is alive and well.

I still feel the shame for the institution in our community failing to uphold the lofty standards that the privileged told us to look to.

I am sorry to say it but the cavernous cracks in the sheen on Silicon Valley show a very dark and ugly reality.
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