Friday, September 9, 2016

This Blog ...ending...

...On March 17, 2017 because I thought it was fitting to finish something on a day of my birth to show some sort of accomplishment. 

The reality is blogging is very hard. Life demands you to be active and typing on a keyboard is not active even if you do it on a treadmill. 

Additionally, my original motivation for blogging has changed ...a lot ...a whole lot. I was politically motivated then I realized the machine is something I don't want to play with.

I have tried to figure out this space and work some sorted magic formula for me to keep blogging. 

I just have too many memories to keep to myself and the ones I have shared are just that...shareable.

One thing about bloggers they do lead double lives there is the pretty cleaned up online relationship of them and the reader which can be passive or very active or down right scary

My blogging turned into therapy and social experiment for me. I would try themes and contests  to work something up. 

One thing that totally surprised me is something I wrote 6 years ago still applied today whether it was job hunting or house renting. Plus, I totally think Olivia Pope's Wine and Popcorn was born out of my Champagne and Popcorn but who am I kidding I don't have a love life that exciting. 

I recently have been posting a lot of pictures and different than the first ones I had of flowers  and some others. 

I am also ending it because I am focusing on my travels more and need to get that blog a little more attention. 

Plus, I trust the internet has me and my posts however random  are filed away somewhere on a server in a data farm that was the inspiration for a movie scene. 

I will try to push some great posts out but again...I am a private person still ....and maybe an introvert too....

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