Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Transportation System #1

Now that I commute I know why I have not moved away from Oz ( aka San Jose, CA or Silicon Valley).
My boss told me they were more concerned about when I caught the bus than I was. They were right because I knew something they didn't

  • The bus runs on a schedule that I am familiar with
  • There are three buses I can take from two different locations
  • I can walk to catch a train 
  • I can walk up to 10 miles if I need to
  • I can call a cab 
  • I can find another bus on a another system if I need to
  • I can ride a bike 
  • I know which train takes me where and how fast
  • I know if I am out late like 9pm there is Zipcar
  • I am not afraid to take public transit here. 
When I look at moving to another place I check out the there public bus system and does it run at least 18 hours a day? Is it convenient? 

Does the bus system run thru the metropolitan area and the urban areas ? Is there reasonable opportunities to take public transit? Does the system work regardless of weather? 
Does the union or drivers have a good relationship with the community? 
What is the ontime/missed run ratios ? 

As you can guess I dive a little bit more than most on the whole details of a transit system.

So where ever I move to next and trust me I have to move ...its got to have a public transit system that makes sense. 
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