Friday, September 2, 2016

Urban Blight? Empty Newspaper racks

I was watching and reading about the Rio Olympics when an article mentioned the urban blight is a problem in Rio.
I thought it was disingenuous of the reporter since Rio and the country of Brazil has been inundated with severe societal issues that the Olympics can not fix.

It also made me see the stark contrast to Oz's urban blight and in the quaint town of Palo Alto there are dozens upon dozens of empty newspaper racks on just about all the major streets.

I kid you not Palo Alto has real problems because instead of teaching their kids self respect and dignity they demand placing guards at the railroad tracks to prevent distraught teenagers from throwing themselves in front of an oncoming train. 

Instead of coming up with significant housing plans the residents of Palo Alto complain as they move away. 

You know I adore walking the streets of any town in the early morning hours so I usually get a chance to see University and Hamilton avenues in the hush before the bustle of cars start to crowd. You know what I found? 

Three dozen workers sweeping and cleaning the streets furiously as their lives depended on the removal of one errant leaf on the sidewalk. From store fronts to gutters the workers spent enormous amounts of energy cleaning the sidewalks. 

It was and is a sight to behold because of all the empty newspaper racks that stick out amongst the freshly swept sidewalks. 

Why these remnants of an era past be turned into public art displays or manufactured into bike racks *the preferred way to travel in Palo Alto*. 

Instead the brown, red, tarnished boxes sit amongst the pretty backdrop as a reminder that even the prettiest cities have an wart on their faces too. 

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