Monday, September 5, 2016

Walking for Good

Last month I started training for the Alzheimer’s Walk in October. Now I admit I am a pretty good walker where before 2005 I easily did 12-15 miles walking daily on average. After my accident I have slowly gotten back to 10 miles flat. My average walk ten years later is a mile so, I am a little out of shape.

I checked Google Maps and the distance from my workplace to the Caltrain station is exactly 3.3 miles. That is the exact miles I need to walk on October 8th. Thus, I began my walking regimen starting out once a week making the trek on my ‘off-gym’ days and gradually getting to 3x a week.

On my trek I would encounter local residents and enjoy a less harried commute as sometimes I traveled faster than the traffic. I get to see the unique neighborhoods and inevitably one bicyclist and dogs walking their guardians.

I always pass a home with a very precocious set of children that when I first happened upon them tried to sell me a short stack of “pancakes” (aka mud pies) while we haggled about the price I definitely felt way younger than my years on my driver’s license state.

The children don’t always sell me items sometimes they want me to play a trivia quiz.

“What is Orange and Round” the oldest of three children asks

“A planet?” I always reply with the not obvious answer and I'm promptly told “No! An Orange Silly”.

To say passing the home is now part of my routine is an understatement but one day the trivia question was different

“Why are you walking and not driving?” the 2nd youngest child asks

“Well I am walking to fundraise for an important cause” I reply

“Oh, so you are walking for good?” the inquiry continues

“Yes, I am walking to end Alzheimer’s” the children look at each other and their Nanny then back at me and ask “Can we walk with you?”

I explain that yes they can join in the Walk on October 8th by asking their parents to sign them up online as a team.

Before I am allowed to continue my commute I am reminded to see them tomorrow and they will join me. I say my farewells and continue to walk with a huge grin on my face that could not have matched the excitement of the children as they started “their walk for good”.

If you would like to join in or support my efforts here is link to the San Jose Walk To End Alzheimer’s

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