Thursday, September 1, 2016

Weekend Plans

If you do not know this already, I plan my weekends on Monday usually.
This weekend is Labor Day weekend and trust me sitting at home and doing laundry is an awesome idea.

Okay, that is a lie.

This summer has been hard plain and simple. I am not sure I want to venture outside my front door except to go to work and the gym. I use to find solace and reprieve running up and down Hwy 1. I got lost in Sonoma and Santa Barbara loving every minute of it.

Yet, I found myself glued to the television rapt in fear promoted by the telecast of this or that.
I didn't escape the terror with my laptop beaming me live pictures and videos promptly.

My Youtube feed filled up with political propaganda and fear mongering that I had to unsubscribe to some channels.

My twitter trends became filled with deceiving hashtags and promoted fearful stories.

I would love to go out checking to make sure the ocean is still there on the West Coast but it struck me one day in August.

The train doors were "stuck" and it was a mechanical issue but for split minute that lasted the longest minute of my life I thought ...wait is it a mechanical or something else. Do I need to be on this platform? What is my backup? If I leave now will I be one of the survivors?

I had to push the thoughts out of my head.

I took deep breaths and thought rationally stopping myself resenting the lambs running to fill the train thru the one open door (Its a Trap!).

I replanned my travel and looked at my options. I will take the next train and fortunately nothing did happen but that long minute was embedded in my brain because it may not be mechanical next time.

So making plans for the weekend I reserve now for Thursdays.

I will go out but the reality I am keeping my plans more private this time around.

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