Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What is it like to work for Superheros?

Can you imagine the guy in marketing working at Queen Consolidated? It's his first day on the job and the family who owns the company long lost (presumed dead) son just happens to show up too.
Its easy to accept that working for a family owned business your first day at work would be difficult but one in HR is to greet you. The Security team is too busy to give you a security badge to let you in the building on tomorrow your presumeably 2nd day at work.

Let's not even bother the secretary for the Accounting department because you know nothing happens in accounting the financial world equivalent of dentistry. While her counterparts in Legal are frantically trying to search down the exact legal version of "back from the dead" statue she is stuck stirring her coffee by herself.

Then there is the janitorial staff, oh that is never going to be a good day for them again. Aside from perpetual broken glass and busted water pipes they are always cleaning and patching coordinating with facilities department on when would it be good to vacuum the now undead Oliver Queen office.

Check out the photos about the real superheroes   don't even get me started on how in the world anyone can clean up after the Joker at his bar...
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