Thursday, September 8, 2016

Why am I voting for Hilary Clinton?

I think early voting starts after October 15th here in California and I personally can not wait. Whether it was Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton or any number of Democrats I would probably be voting for them for President of the United States.

I think if Rick Perry stayed in the race and contested Donald Trump at the Republican Convention I might have even voted for him instead I will happily vote him off Dancing with the Stars if I get really bored and actually watch it.

Why after all the email and horse pucky am I still voting for Hilary ? It was a top Government official and Republican official admitting it was all a waste of time 2 years plus 1 for the FBI reading emails. Do you know how many emails I get ? How many emails I delete ? I don't work for the government but even Apple gives their employees specially coded laptops and computers but our Government can't? I think its time we work on the real issues of this nation not looking at Spam folders.

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