Saturday, September 24, 2016

Work It! 3 Books

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As I celebrated my first 90 days, I reflected on an employer I had nearly 10 years ago. What stands out about the opportunity is during the on-boarding process I received three books:
I still have these books today and these texts of strategy and psychology still benefit me. The books remind me of how innocent I was and how much I still had to learn about the workplace and business in general.
The reality is how business is run whether exclusive to using only the fastest and newest technology or keeping what is tried and true is a strategic endeavor. It is a simple fact when you join a company you are not always going to know how things run and you will need to learn
As I venture forth in my position I realize I will never stop learning. Equally, I am humble enough to give sincere gratitude to all those former employers without you I wouldn't know what I do today!
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