Saturday, September 24, 2016

Work It! Its not them its You ...

I have written about employment now for nearly 8 years straight from finding job fairs to job skills so I have been thru and heard all of it by now. From Liz Ryan's great resources I mentioned today to renaming your title to admitting that you are being to picky.

You need to move from here and I am going to use Oz ( Silicon Valley - San Francisco ).

It is not working out for you. You don't like the air. You can't afford to live here. You haven't gotten the angel investor you hoped for. You want to network but you don't want to leave your house. You like being on unemployment but refuse to take a lessor paying job so you can stay on subsidized income.

Get the Frak out of the state you are in.

Harsh words I know I have been telling myself this in regard to housing for the past 3 years so I know how comfortable to "just get by"

Why am I saying this?

Simply very recently I convinced someone to show up to a meeting against their nature.

It was EXHAUSTING !!! I had to use terms like " you are a good honest person so why wouldn't you be here at this time" I completely had to emotionally blackmail the person to show up and guilt them into doing something against their nature.

Worse it was for my own benefit, I got to state that I convinced the person to arrive I was the changemaker not them not their effort not their time and money spent.

I also recently had set up a meeting for a quick coffee catchup with someone who is out of work. They failed to read previous text message as instructions and took it as advice not as information and confirmation. That person arrived 30 minutes late and I wasn't able to help them.

Then I realized maybe that is it .

They do not want help but they are comfortable in their status of not being reliable or having a job.

Yet, when I have worked with people who want a job...guess what they got a job. I can count on my ten fingers the 6 people I know that have gotten jobs.

6 People ... that is actually a lot for one person to do unfortunately that does not qualify me for a recruiter status. What it does do is proof positive if you are having so so so much difficulty trying to find a job here and you have TRIED everything  then it is time you left the state of Oz now while you still can.

First off, you can get a job working in about a dozen stores anywhere and just about any shift in retail. Heck even with Macy's closing stores they are still hiring.

Secondly, next tier is Hotels ...they are hiring every department and especially now for the holiday and hotels are a 24 hour business.

Thirdly, Law firms are hiring if you are bonded and a notary..guess what you got a job in a law firm...

Finally, Education and Civil facilities / organizations are hiring too. The wait time is just 8 to 12 weeks but totally worth it.

There are states in desperate need of you to work there from Maine to Oregon you can find a job even in Hawaii and Alaska but, just because you have gotten comfortable sitting on California Unemployment Insurance now is  a great opportunity to move and find a job in Nebraska
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