Saturday, September 3, 2016

Work It ! The Spider, Cockroach, and Mouse

I have had a series of jobs that sometimes I have had duties that well....were not in the job description nor were the tasks something I would think an Office Manager have to deal with.

At one job there was this spider was a large ....very large. Yet, no one wanted to get rid of it so the task fell to me to take the poor frightened arachnid out in a very large box.

Then out of the quiet of the office did I hear this scream of a woman's voice. It was a cockroach about 3 inches with long attennae flicking back and forth as I had to grab an empty wastebasket to escort the insect out of the building.

Finally, as if my first week on the job that I had there was a mouse. Not a large mouse but it was good size. I finally drew the line and told someone else to deal with it because the reality was it was my first week on the job and I was not going to deal with one more unauthorized visitor.

That is till I got home ...

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