Saturday, September 10, 2016

Work It! "You are not helping Me"

I will confess I have committed a trespass against another, someone I thought was a friend someone I thought I was helping....not so.

The way I saw the events was I was providing resources, events, and even a bit of sly humor to an otherwise desperate situation.

I was wrong.

Forwarding job postings, connecting with connections and even inviting to Free Events was a huge burden and imposition I was putting said person in. There was stress and conflict with each turn.

I failed to recognize that maybe the best resource is one that is not talking 100 miles a minute about resources, events, and Yeoman work of just stuff however I thought it was significant it was insignificant to them.

Listening is the most VALUABLE resource you can provide and seek out in the work person arena.

Equally its important to know HOW TO LISTEN.

Listening is passive and in this world of digital do gooding that is hard.

Very Very Hard ....

So try to forgive those with 100 resources or highpitched voices or $10 to help out because they think its going to change it for you.

They ( Me, Myself and I) do not know we are hurting you by ignoring the blantantly obvious request to just be there and listen to them.

They ( Me, Myself and I ) do not want to believe they can not change the situation by not doing something.

They ( Me, Myself and I ) can not understand listening is all they have to do because right now and there is all you need.

So don't work on forgiving Them ( Me , Myself and I ) just appreciate for a milisecond they are thinking about them then tell them this:

"I appreciate you wanting to help but can I just vent this out with you and you not say anything but just listen to me and tell me you hear me?"

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