Sunday, September 4, 2016

Working Out & Diet : Be a Rabbit?

They say when you are trying to lose weight you should eat like a bird
I don't know if that is true because this Blue Jay was pretty skinny.

Maybe one should eat like a rabbit and run like one too. For one week all I ate was salads one for lunch and one for dinner. These were from Trader Joes'
and individualized which was perfect.

I really enjoyed my random selection and I was able to still get protein in with some really good chicken assorted salads too
I felt really good for eating so "healthy" and for the most part I was satisfied except in the mornings. I was really finding myself hungry like I had nothing to eat for days.

It was not hard to dedicate myself to salads for a week but what really surprised me is the fact I seem to be losing weight while doing it.

I had some visible progress and in that process I realized a few things 1) I was drinking more water and my bladder was always full. I am not sure exactly why but I seem to drink more water and while satisfied there were some serious hunger pangs.

I was tempted to weigh myself but instead I did something that really well...made me feel good

Yup the whole bag while I sat on the beach reading magazines. 

For the most part I will try the All Salad diet again but maybe throw in a Cheeseburger midway. 

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