Saturday, September 17, 2016

WorkIt! Be a Professional Volunteer

Actually, you can get paid to volunteer or professionally volunteer for events. Technically you are called event staff but honestly there are some serious perks to being a volunteer...
Some Volunteers just get to go to events to highlight the variety of services they provide.
Oh and you get to enjoy some goodies too!

Some Volunteers is a family affair and you get to be the insider on the information about upcoming events like the 2017 Cinequest Film Festival!

Sometimes when you volunteer its the start of your career in Marine Biology or as a Navy officer. One place like the Monterey Bay Aquarium  Think of the field of work you really want to be part of ...there most likely is an opportunity for you to volunteer with an agent or collaboration group that will help you get an inside look.

Maybe you are participating in a Campus Club and you want to connect with a professional organization ...volunteer and you will meet a lot of people in said profession.

Did I forget to mention the fun you get to have and the swag

You will gain valuable insights, connections and experience from volunteering so if you haven't found the perfect job...look into volunteering

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