Saturday, September 17, 2016

WorkIt! Learn It ! ..

This week I had discovered something ...knowing financial database software and bookkeeping are two of the most important skills for my job.

I am sure it helps that I show up on time and that I can competent but if I didn't know financial software or just software programs in general I would have been totally lost this weekend.

Remember that software is just that ...soft can learn most programs and programming items via video or source material or even chat rooms.

It is one reason I do not like Microsoft Windows. I spent over two hours this week trying to resolve and issue due to an automatic update - fyi you can no longer decide not to get some updates. Finally, I learned that sometimes trying to avoid an update is just as bad as the actual as the update somehow disconnected my printer.

I had learned to install/uninstall programs in the early 90's so I am a bit of an olde pro at that but it was simply letting the update happen then restarting - note not shutting down but restarting that finally allowed my printer to acknowledge the computer was there.

Aside from numerous online courses and videos your local community center and library are a treasure trove of information, classes and wise people called teachers.

From C++ to how to build a website to payment portals and flash design these are basics.

I thought about what I want to learn and wished I had learned in high school.

I would like to draw better but also understand color so I would probably take and ART Class

What if you want to learn about being a mechanic or a locksmith?

Or if you want to learn about bookkeeping you can go to full conference  on it.

Seriously ...keep learning or else you will fall behind

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