Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bugs Buffet

This past summer the uptick of bugs really started to bug me. It was small simple fleas at first then mid July Spiders found my legs something of a gourmet meal. I am pretty sure that mosquitoes and no see-ums just loved my blood type.

I do not know how many types of venom, diseases or just plain nibbles I have and what the cause or reactions are but I have them like I am on the Happy Hour menu for bugs.

I basically spent part of August in a Bug Spray fog from Fleas to Flies to spraying Off ! Bug Repellent to dipping my legs in caladryl for hours. My relief was short and sweet as hotter weather brought out more bugs which found me somehow even though I was feverish about moving stuff out and vacuum weekly.

My legs and arms were feast of the week, I took out possible food sources and sprayed consistently that all I could smell at times was the bug spray.

From the bathroom to my bedroom it seemed that I was the most popular dish for bugs.

I even did a huge washing extravaganza a Saturday afternoon that stretched into Sunday. I thought for sure I got the bugs with a combination of sprays and detergent

Nope just got a new set of bytes this past weekend....yes I am blaming these on the #LomaFire.
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