Monday, October 10, 2016

Cooking with Sur La Table

I admit my cooking abilities are based on Betty Crocker and watching PBS with Julia Child on Saturdays.
I can feed myself pretty well but if you asked me to cook for more than 1 I would probably ask you to get a caterer instead.

I was happy to get an invite from Caesar's Entertainment to join them at Sur La Table for An Italian Feast ! 

The staff and location was nice and helped the class our chef was impeccable and made us all feel like we were professionally trained chefs. 

 Our host Caesar's Entertainment did an impeccable job meeting everyone needs and highlighting how one could have a team event like a cooking competition in their hotels.

But let's be serious we were there for all the great cooking we did from a risotta to chicken to a fantastic dessert the tools and techniques were very unique and informative.

I admit I only added the white wine while the other chefs at my table took turns adding the chicken stock ( ONE LADLE AT A TIME - said the risotto ) and stirring.

Fortunately, there was a Nepresso nearby to keep me going as we did have to stir a few more things that evening.

I had a great I just have to find some way to incorporate stirring in my exercise regime 

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