Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Four more weeks ...who is that counting

Thanksgiving weekend is near at least for me I am spending time counting down to turkey day and all that holds.

Not so much the black friday sale just the time to travel and get the final push for the decluttering done.

Yes that is my plan for a four day weekend to get my decluttering completed.

It may sound crazy but seeing I have given so much stuff away already I am super excited to get rid of more.

I have paired down to 17 outfits and now only have a few pieces of bedding where before I had more than a dozen options.

I also will probably finally get a new bed since the one I have is just 10 years old not bad but really not good.

A few more things are on my list for that weekend one of them is to workout because I know how I like to make Thanksgiving dinner!

or just dinner or breakfast
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