Friday, October 21, 2016

News=Rumor=News: So wait What? the Media and one Woman

If you don't play by the rules your downfall is imminent or so is the tale of Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes. In December 2015 she was hearalded but today she is only spoken about in hushed tones.

What the F&CK Happened? !!!!

Is this a case of someone not playing by the rules or was she targeted because she was a woman or did her competition doing a better job with the media than she was?

Was she just ignorant about the rules of the game?

Remember it was just 2013 when the female leader of said competition was having her own regulatory problems ( hey what happened there? ).

Odd timing when the 23 and me CEO is featured on the glossy mag that Elizabeth Holmes suffers the insult by Forbes Magazine of removing her from their list.

I wonder how you spell coincidence without a harder look at the media and how or whom promoted what?

Regulatory agencies may just be doing their due diligence but that usually doesn't involve giving an reporter a heads up about impending judgments or suspensions of licenses.

So who did Liz ( I am using a shorter name because we are like that here ) piss off ?

The list is probably longer than one page affidavit but Theranos was cooperating and had been.

23 and Me has been on a media kick of late which just smells stinky and not the Roquefort kind of sour milk.

What did Theranos do exactly and if you look at the history there is more muddled water and phrases there than someone with a lisp.

Elizabeth is the victim here whether of her own vanity or was this a purposeful fall from grace? Or was an agency just doing its job and a media house blowing it up to presidential scandal proportions because someone didn't play by the rules.

They say if it sounds like bullshit it most likely is bullshit it what is.

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