Monday, October 3, 2016

Purse Strings : Not so Fun-d-raising

I have mentioned a few times how I understand that difficulty of parting with money to support someone else who is walking, running, singing for a cause. Maybe the cause isn't that near and dear to your heart but you know the person and their ask is just ...give $5 to my Walk for Alzheimer's page .

Yet, you didn't maybe because you are a fan of the television show Prison Break and you read about how one of the actors supports Active Minds and is asking for donation for that.

Maybe your are a big fan of Mary Lee Shark and you made a donation to Ocearch instead.

Whatever the reason is I did not get any donations for my efforts and this is after supporting the Boy Scouts Popcorn drive ( gotta get champagne now ), being asked every time I went to the grocery store at the check out to donate to this or that organization and giving a dollar or five, and yes there was the MS Walk the Leukemia and Lymphoma walk and Prop A for Affordable Housing all asking me for money.

Heck even my cousin nudged me to give to !!!

Seriously, $5 was all I was asking for and no one stepped up in the 1000 people I know on line. I posted about the opportunity to give to a lot of people directly asking for support.

Zip Zilch Nada ...nothing but air.

What if I asked for more money than $5 ...maybe $25 or some odd number like $37.60 ? Would that have worked?

What about if I gave you a bottle of wine? Told you the great places to go in Carmel ? While I can appreciate you dear reader being exhausted ...I am exhausted from asking.

The experience can be disheartening and make one ashamed for asking.

So I think from now on we should be honest and simply reply honestly, with a No or I can not right now because I have to pay my rent which is why I could only give $25 for Zoe Amblers Night of Writing Dangersously.

Maybe fundraising is taking a turn ...something else is going to have to get people to fundraise for events they want to attend or causes they support..
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