Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rename California CalFire because that is what it is now..

For the past five years from about mid-March to November the state of California would basically go up in flames from Santa Ana to Eureka. From Lightening Strikes to arsonists the dry brush and hot winds would make what some call the land of gold and honey look more like burnt toast and smell even worse.

Last week I had plans on Sunday to go out of town and relax by Monday night I was trying to figure out what I should take with me to leave as the abode I reside in became charred ash.

This was the scene about 10 miles from the fire lines but I was basically standing in the neighbors driveway when I took this picture on Monday September 26th.

There is always an opportunity for danger and fire to come knocking on our door but its usually preceded by an movement of ground aka earthquake. I was not able to sleep and the constant refresh of my web browser nearly broke the keyboard. Sleeping was more optional than anything.

Yet, with all my networking abilities there was small truth I had to face....
"There is nothing for you to do"
Which is absolutely true because I am not a firefighter, I can not pilot the air tankers and I did not have a horse trailer to move horses. I would barely wake up the next morning and go to work. In fact it wasn't until Friday that I got some sleep.

That was just the start though. I would refresh Twitter, Facebook, Google and start to see what had happen being reported as happening i.e. the flames over Santa Cruz Boardwalk were visible Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday the fire line had moved south west less visible from the Santa Cruz side. Yet, the promotion of the fire was now literally wildfire with GoFundMe pages and requests for donations being sent out.

(Un)fortunately, we close to the Loma Fire (less than 5K acres)  have nothing to complain about given that in the past summer the Sobranes Fire burnt more than 200,000 acres and the Lake fires in 2015 burnt 31K acres.

The fire crews did a great job but definitely look closely at how many other agencies and operators are participating in fires with Sheriffs, Forestry, Red Cross, PG&E, and even some electrical teams sometimes we overlook its not just firefighters on the line but police are providing protection too.

Then on Sunday October 2nd there was a press release to advise people of a scam alert associated with the fire. As if the fire was virtual now and we all have to be vigilant.

The fire is still going on as it burns in a canyon inaccessible to firefighters kinda in a spot where a fire could hide oddly enough but they will get it as of this post the fire is 85% contained and not moving past the boundary lines.

Please donate to the Red Cross any financial amount will help.
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