Monday, October 17, 2016

Review Ipsy Bag September

I got my Ipsy bag again with my renewed subscription.

I have fallen in love with dry - leave in conditioners so the Eva Nyc Dry Conditioner is perfect for when I do a quick shower at night. Unfortunately the BellaPierre Blush barely showed up on my skin tone it is more of a highlighter that I might use. The Pixi by Petra is a great shade and if I head out that is more likely the color I would use for a glamorous night as the bag suggest. It Cosmetics has been everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE but the mascara will always be a need for me and when I do get my night out I will try it as well. Though one thing with mascara I have had the worst experience with of late especially in the summer heat my eyes start to water right away now I know I am naturally allergic to the sun ( long story ) but mix heat and my eyelashes and its not fun. 
Hence why I appreciate and not sure my eyes will handle the Green Tea since I have had some weird reactions to stuff I am not sure my eyes no matter how puffy from allergies will accept the green tea. I will let you know. 

I also renewed Loved+Blessed and got Bulu boxes so those are up this week too. 

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