Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sinus Infection : Ugh Please Vote

Hey kids,
sorry I am not feeling that great infact I am battling a hearty sinus infection that is all sorts of yucky.

If you have not been reminded by the 20000 media outlets and surrogates you need to register to vote then vote.

Today is the first day of voting since yesterday was Columbus Day and offices were closed.

I might take a few days off to battle this sinus infection and let's pick this up again on Saturday October 15th shall we?

Hopefully by then I would have kicked this sinus infection off to Timbuktu but don't hold your breath this one is really nasty and deeply rooted in my body.

See you Saturday and I will probably have some bonus posts ...never know how delusional I might get on allergy / cold medication

Thanks for understanding in advance.
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