Thursday, October 27, 2016

Subscription box : October Ipsy

I am not sure I can really afford Ipsy anymore even though its only $10 (ten dollars) a month because for whatever reason I get my box two years after everyone else gets there.

The process of waiting for my bag to reach me is very frustrating because I do watch at least 5 to 10 Youtube videos where other people have gotten their bag and reviewed it.

Equally I did get to use my points that resulted in a great bag received with stuff I got for free. So there is that benefit that I never really enjoyed with Birchbox.

I do appreciate the knowledge that comes from being an subscription box member with Ipsy. I have a dozen new brushes and products to enhance my makeup experience.

I realize I may not be their target demographic but one can defy the limitations put on us by society right?
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