Monday, October 24, 2016

The Decluttering continues : Rewards

I am happy to say I actually needed new bedding but that was before I went to my storage unit. 

See that yellow bag in the corner it is full of bedding. 
Everything from odds and ends to blanket that I am not sure I will ever need but there is a lot of stuff in storage I am not sure I need. 

I like to think I am getting rid of a lot of stuff that other people can use for themselves. I just can not imagine now the pounds that I have been decluttering but also there still is so much more stuff...

That said I have gotten rid of a lot of clothes I loved but can not wear anymore and bedding. I can't quite give up any towels as I am still holding out on finding my own place one day and I know that there will be dog and he will be getting a bath hence I will need a lot of towels. 

Next up on the declutter list...saying goodbye to the fake Holiday Tree. 
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