Saturday, October 22, 2016

Work it ! Kickstart your own subscription out of you decluttering

I have a lot of wine glasses.

I would love to say goodbye to these but I am having limited success hence why I am thinking of joining a Kickstarter to get rid of my wine glasses with a monthly subscription of random wine glasses you will enjoy some rare airline glasses.

You will also get some wine glasses from exclusive events like Wine Walks from Oz ( San Jose area ).

Not all pairs will match but for $10 a month you could get a great starter set of wine glasses sent to you via USPS.

Wouldn't that be a great job to have...
Now you have to figure out the boxes to send the glassware in let's figure about $3 a box and you already have 100 wine glasses so you really only need packaging that is going to be about another $4 dollars so you need to raise atleast a $1000 to cover the costs and the shipping.

Once you get a couple of supporters what is the likelihood see here and here

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