Saturday, October 15, 2016

Work It! Why did you leave?

In this time of rarefied unemployment one would think leaving a job is not on the minds of most people. Yet infact recently its been promoted that most Millennials won't stay in one place more than 3 to 5 years.

Trust me I know the feeling.

I being of the gentrified Generation X realized recently since the Aughts started I have only held onto one job longer than 3 years.
So why did I leave the other so jobs?

Basically, I left one job because I was ostracized from the rest of the team. I was also referred to being stupid by my boss whom mocked me on more than one occasion while my other superior emotionally misused her position. I was planning to leave in the spring but there was a huge upheaval and I was trying to be a team player but I was not allowed on the team.

The team did not want to play with me and my superiors knew it. I was feared, jeered and overall resented much like the last kid picked on a team and asked to sit on the bench for the whole game. I had not just overstayed my welcome but I was starting to hate the people I worked with which is never a good thing.

Oh damn how I tried to do everything that was asked of me only to be ignored, silenced or basically told its not good enough. I think of all my efforts my last 30 days were the hardest because I was a case where the left hand and the right hand were not communicating.

My efforts were equally undermined that while I took meticulous effort to do a task I was told it was not enough. I went home that night and realized no matter what I did or how I did it nothing was ever going to be enough.

So I gave notice and they showed me the door which is par for the course when your boss does not like you as a person. I swallowed my pride and went to look for a new job immediately.

I was fortunate to find a job within 30 days of my departure but the experience reminded me of the cold hard facts, sometimes you leave and sometimes you are asked to leave...quietly.
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