Sunday, October 2, 2016

Working Out ! Exercise doesn't give you the right to eat

The reality is that you can exercise for two hours really hard everyday.

You can do 100 push ups 50 Sit Ups 25 squats four times in two hours and still it will not be enough to eat a whole chocolate cake by yourself.

If you are working out to lose weight you have to duct tape your mouth. Or that is what I do.

I realized it ten years ago when I was working out a fancy gym on Santana Row. I would spend two hours on the treadmill, elliptical machine and the stair climber which scared me silly.

Go clean up then leave only to plop down at a french american bistro and eat french fries...well pommes frites drink a glass of wine and 6oz of chicken or steak.

NOT exactly what I should do after I workout.

Yes, you need to eat some protein after a workout to keep the muscles in shape but more like 5oz protein shake will do.

To say I only lost 4 lbs is an understatement.

3 years ago I joined Retro Fitness and was pretty darn happy with the fact I was steadily losing weight. Except there was a problem I was not losing weight as fast and as much as I was exercising.

The problem was simple and easy to see except I had blinders on. There was a grocery store RIGHT NEXT Door and after every exhausting workout and since the store was open I would grab a refreshing can of soda and an energy bar. Not a thousand calories but just 400 calories.

Kinda kills the 500 calories I burnt while working out 60 minutes prior.

I have tried a food diary, I have tried diet bet I have tried a lot of things.

I have admitted to being a food addict and I have tried a week of salads.

Some things work and some things don't.

Right now I am trying to chant some basic truths but let's say I am employing some other help too... well a very nice dog is helping me ...completely by providing a little protection ...for the food and for myself :)

that is progress....and my story about working out and trying to lose weight
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