Sunday, October 23, 2016

Working Out ! Getting in the Habit again

I am trying to go to the gym again and its not without its own pitfalls.

I get frustrated conveniently from trying to catch a bus to the weather.

I know I have time but I am so concentrated on decluttering or getting home to make dinner its frustrating.

The fact that I have to spend a minimum of 60 minutes in the gym is a time eater when you have to catch the bus and its raining.

Great Excuse right well....

I grab a bus at 6:14 am every morning to travel 30 miles to be at work by 8am. I have 10 minute windows if my transit options fail.

Then I am at work till 3pmish only to grab another bus to grab a train to get to the gym by 6pm

Yes 12 hours later I make it to the gym and that is if the bus/train/bus is on time.

I should still go in.

And I did for a frustrating 20 minutes I promise to do better on the weekend bust out a full 90 minutes ...

yeah...remember that weather or wet or cold it effects my need to workout.

I made 30 minutes.

It is better than nothing...
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