Friday, November 4, 2016

Give: Why I support Rebuilding Together

Last year in October 2015 I got to participate with a group for Rebuilding Together Fall Rebuilding Day.

It was and still is a great event in addition to helping people with little or no option to maintain their homes Rebuilding Together comes in and helps.

In September of this year I met up with someone who did not feel their time was used properly by Rebuilding Together in the one day event. I was appalled with so many HGTV remolding shows on TV that show these amazing transformations that cost a HUGE amount of money in contrast one organization basically doing the same thing to over 20 homes in one day with volunteers is a great impact.

The projects range from painting a home to installing a stairway. This organization is part of the solution to helping people keep their homes and maintain it properly. Yes, even a mobile home is someone's castle.

Please donate to Rebuilding Together today 

How Much Would You Like to Donate Today?

  • Installs grab bars in a bathroom
  • Installs new door hardware and locks
  • Makes critical plumbing repairs
  • Makes Furnace repairs
  • Provides a wheel chair ramp
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