Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving see you December 1st

The election and subsequent results / reaction has really screwed me up. I just do not have the energy to blog my totally random thoughts or even my planned blogging.

I have had really tried to bust out the gloom and doom, but it is really hard. I have been volunteering, donating and cleaning usually three things that will pick me up straight away.

I even spent time reading the Bulu box lid

It really took a lot to get over I even indulged in french fries which just went straight to my backside and then I went to the gym. 

The election helped me "lose" a friend who randomly reached out to me but now won't email, call or text or write. This isn't because of me I realize that this person is busy in the military but its like ...what the heck? 

The election also taught me who my "friends" are and it is weird given that I swear we all grew up together. They are just different people now and I value their opinion but don't take it without a pound of salt. 

So I am taking the time away from blogging again. 

See you December 1, 2016

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