Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November Bulu Box

Basically, Bulu is another subscription box. I have actually found a lot of good products with them. I got another 3 months courtesy of the coupon codes and stuff. I have to take Bulu at its word which is pretty inspiring and this month the box was "light" but that is okay remember I got it for free and there was a ton of coupons in it.

Basically, it works for me - right now.

First off look at all that stuff , there is seriously a lot of stuff in the bag from fancy oil to flyjoy bar. 

Now the Smarty Pants is hysterical only because it totally won the "random name your product generator" Smarty Pants is a vitamin / supplement product and this was the probiotic ...was the sample good ?
No it was one gummy ...the bag is actually about 4inches tall and 4 inches wide for one gummy ? I probably will not purchase Smarty Pants any time soon.
There is a natural cough med and a coupon for wine and more.

So should you get Bulu box? A lot of people get the weight loss version I get the regular version in part because I already have enough "weight loss" stuff to do I do not think I should add more stuff just to declutter it later.
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