Sunday, November 6, 2016

Post A Day : Alphabet Soup

Google and rescue operation *

(What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?)

Recently I unsubscribed from Jessica Braun JamBeauty89 because she overused two words to an excessive point that I could make a drinking game out of her 20 minute makeup / subscription box videos.

I am serious.

So I tried ( really I did try ) to ignore or stop being annoyed by how "AWESOME" or "AMAZING" everything (???) really was.
Now, yes Jessica is very upbeat and positive but it was positively driving me bonkers that here was an education professional ( aka teacher ) misuse of the vast English language ( side note : I think she is an English teacher so she should use more words, right? ).

Henceforth, I "googled" different words she could use. IT WAS INCREDIBLE TO FIND THE 10 to 15 other words to describe products positively. ( FYI I AM USING SOME HERE IN THIS POST).

When you have the opportunity to teach other people about a product positive or negative effects you can utilize foreign languages too that will convey a more intelligent conversation.

Yes, I will admit that maybe Jessica was tired or she had exhausted her energy and doing the video was the last item on her to-do list.

EXCEPT some of the videos where she repeats -repeatedly are SPONSORED videos in other words she received goods or funds to do the videos and she did an disservice to the sponsors or sponsored product in repeating the words to properly describe her take on the item, makeup or event.

Unfortunately, Jessica not only came off disingenuous but rather immature in consideration to her esteemed history on Youtube she would have significantly improved her impression by taking another take or editing better but instead she just repeated her thoughts as Awesome or Amazing.

Thus Google was my resource for the variety of descriptive words to use.

Below is the variety of words that should be used in description
*FYI Mature Abusive Language Below

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