Thursday, November 3, 2016

Post a Day : Headaches go away!

Today's prompt is below but I admit if I could stop headaches that would have been great for my mom that suffered from migraines. I now know a lot of headaches are caused by so much more than the knotted blood vessel in your head.

Placebo effect 
(If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?)

Granted there is modern medicine to stop a headache and how else do you know it. One thing you should know that the brain actually doesn't have any pain receptors the "headache" is actually blood pressure build up in a localized area or ....
the head ache is caused by your head actually not in alignment with your body - like its really going to roll off your shoulders kind of out of alignment.

Since my accident over 10 years ago I didn't have migraines or intense head aches. The most I got was sinus infection that may have lasted a day or two.

Now since that fateful day I get migraines pretty intensely around my menstruation which I did not get before. Yes, I have added in the "age" factor but it was definite my next period I had a migraine that was all sorts of debilitating. I have learned to manage my brain a little better and yes, I did go to a chiropractor too because the reality is I think I might have lost my head too.

Right now I depend on ibuprofen and natural anti inflammatory products like zyflamend . I also do spend a good ten minutes in the massage chair it helps release some of those icky toxins built up in my body.

Granted I would love to cure blindness, deafness and so many other illnesses but everyone gets a headache ...really they do.
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