Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Post A Day : That's Bullsh8t...and it reads like it

Connect the dots
Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story.
Consider how it connects to your life.
Write about that.

I actually have already written about it in my News=Rumors=News?  posts. I just can not prove the 4th estate did discriminate against her or was out to get her. 

I am disappointed about how many "news" story appear to be one thing and end as another as if the story was really about the algorithm that is used to calculate a person's likihood of jumping bail turned into one about the bail bondsman stranglehold on the people being brought into jail. 

There has been some great journalist lately working a lot of great stories. 

One event I like is the Arts Scene here in Oz but did you know some of the artist are out of town because they can't afford to live here? 

Even if I mentioned the fact that snow is missing it means there is still a drought here in Oz. 

Too many things are connected here in Oz not be of interest. 
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