Sunday, December 4, 2016

3 more weeks till Christmas

I think if I work out 6 hours a day I will look fabulous !

and you can stop laughing now.

Part of my depression is my gym. I use to love to go to the gym.

Really I did.

Not so much today


It was benign enough as she chatted on her phone on the elliptical but she might as well be taking her fingernails across a chalkboard.

I was trying to get back into the gym and the incessant one sided conversation I was privy to was distracting and most of all a solid reminder my life is not so great.

Oh! I get it me ...her life may not be great but it was everything I couldn't do which involved sweating and looking beautiful at the same time.

If I ever get captured the best way to torture me is to have someone talking incessantly on their phone while on an elliptical ...I swear I am getting an involuntary eye twitch just typing about it.

This must be a thing since when I searched "Woman at gym on cell phone" nearly a million links were available. 

Then there is the whole "taking pictures at the gym" thing. I can not trust another woman in the locker with her cell phone. 

Let me repeat that for you: 


I realize that may sound extreme but it is the reality. 

When I joined Retro Fitness there was this woman whom for all intent and purpose was to communicate an urgent message  but what was odd about it was after a 90 minute workout the woman who I think paid her gym membership was still there on the phone. 
It was very benign because she is a nurse and her family is in the military with lots of drama. So I was able to dismiss that. 

It was when the younger women came in and were chatting with their friends while people ( or me ) was changing in the locker room. 

It was a point of contention for me and I eventually left Retro Fitness after a lot things. 

Now I go to Planet Fitness and this woman talks on the phone like it is the air she needs to breath. 

I do not get it. I may one day be guilty of carrying on a conversation on the phone on an elliptical but it will most likely be because I am at home alone. 

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