Thursday, December 1, 2016

And we are back however trepid that maybe.....

To get some thoughts out of the way and clear the air. Let me be honest I do not believe that the Presidency of the United States depends on my vote but the fact that so many United States citizens choose not to vote or voted for a third party candidate that my vote counted more than theirs ever could.

Now it is up to the electoral college and their vote will confirm the votes counted.

Then there is the actual President -Elect behaving immaturely on social media which further distance himself as a real prospect for running the country.

There are already people giving the opportunity a full court press release

That said.

If you look back at this past summer film Star Trek Beyond one theme was about Humanity strength in time of strife. It was the character Krall that said the War makes Humanity better.

If we, the United States of America have reached our lowest point in Humanity then let's work to make sure it  is not our last.

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