Monday, December 5, 2016

Help Wanted : Two Weeks.

This past summer I was out of a job for two weeks.

Yup. I left one job and started another job within two calendar weeks.

It was eternity to me.

I applied for Unemployment and got back on the treadmill. 

The experience was not awesome. 

Infact, I can honestly say now I won't apply for Unemployment without getting a lobotomy first. 

Prior to this year my last job search was in October 2014 and I got a job within 30 days. 

How? Why? Did I bribe someone ? 

How? I spent everyday looking for a job meaning I applied to variety of jobs.
Why? I need to work. 

That said and I have said this before ( see here ) and I could write the magical secret potion that will help you get your next job. 

Honestly, its you. 

90% of success is showing up for the interview. I mean this whole heartedly. 

10% is based on you showing up on time. 

Over the summer there was a woman who really did not want to work. She just did not want to do it, but she thought that if she got a job she would want to work better. 

So not the case. She showed up late to every interview. 


That is the excuse she gave me when we talked. 

After awhile it became apparent to me that she was not a good planner. 

Here is an example: In 2006 I had applied for a job in San Francisco. I sent the resume in at 11am ...I had gotten an email to show up for an interview at 3pm ( four hours later ). 
Guess what I lived in Campbell about 50 miles away and the Caltrain at the time would take 2 hours to get there. 
It was 11;30. I need to copy my resume with reference letter and cover letter. I needed to change out of my sweatpants because you can do that when you are applying to jobs on craigslist. 

It was suddenly 12:30 and my interview was in 2.5 hours. 

I called a cab. 


I spent $90 for a taxi cab to pick me up and take me to San Francisco Fourth and King. It was one hour ride. 

I got to the building at 2:30pm. 

I tried to put on makeup. I was totally nervous I barely had train fare to get back to Campbell and 

I got the job. 

My interview was not fabulous but my resume and cover letter got me in the door  when day 1 started I was so over my head I might as well have had four eyes and gosh darn it they didn't fire me (yet). 

Let's say a difference of ideals is what did me in. 

Okay I got off track ...the example was to examplify that showing up for an interview should be on time.

This last time....I was there at 11am when I said I would be. 

I took a Zipcar. 

10 years later I get a job because I showed up to the interview on time. 

But what if you showed up an hour early? 

That is not always a good thing because you might be waiting a full hour before the interviewer can see you. So do not show up an hour early. 

Also, walking in to a job is amazing those help wanted signs are there for a should try one. 

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