Monday, December 12, 2016

Job Hunting is different than Job Keeping

Last week I mentioned that in 2006 I got a job the same day I had an interview. I really do remember that opportunity as a huge learning point and pivot in my life. I kept that job for 115 days. Yes, I know why I only worked 115 days.

It was my real first "adult" job outside the nonprofit arena and I was the flailing duckling in a big pond. Sure, I showed up on time and did my job to the best of my ability.

I forgot one of the most important things of all

I do not know it all. 

I did not have the vast knowledge it took to run a communication firm more or less network a community event or how the perception of something can be misconstrued by even the best of intentions.

Worst of all I forgot to ask my boss if I had a question about something.

The fact is not knowing it all and not being smart enough to ask my boss is the exact same situation that brought down Elizabeth Holmes as I thought it was the media but it has been revealed it was an immature Shultz family member  Actually, its probably the media, Elizabeth's arrogance and Tyler's ignorance.

He held the job for 8 months. He was suspicious and made huge leaps of judgment and probably did not ask his boss about his suspicions. Instead, he stepped outside the company and went to a reporter.

Me? I sent my mom an email and told my former boss I did not know if I was working on the right side ( hint when you are making history you will not know if history will ever judge you as being on the right or wrong side you just have to go with your gut ).

Now I would personally love no I would stand up first in line to take Tyler on tooth and nail over his

" Mr. Shultz was the first to blow the whistle to a state regulator. He says he wanted to expose the problems to protect the health of patients and his grandfather’s reputation"

Trust me Mr. Shultz reputation is well in tact as he is 95 years old and his wife Charlotte has been working the social world of San Francisco far longer than your "young life".

As I read about your quote heroic unquote I kept asking myself, where was his boss- his direct boss and Human Resources.

One thing I know is with every job there is an agreement and equal to that there is something called a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT which Tyler blatantly thought did not apply to him.

You see I might still work for the that company in 2006 today if I had used my "big girl pants" and asked my boss about the questions I had instead I made ASSUMPTION.

(fyi I think making an Ass out of U and Me is not nice and its embarrassing for 95 year old grandfathers too )

Additionally, Tyler had made statements and reported to the authorities his thoughts prior to lawyers showing up at his grandpa's house but lied that he didn't talk to reporters even when faced with a document stating as such.

The fact is that even since I made my impetuous decision leaving a company 115 days later I have learned a lot and still grateful for the experience as I have books to read still ( cleaning out my storage is like time travel for me ).

The parable of this is that while job hunting is exhausting and demoralizing keeping a job you have to be just as diligent and thoughtful. Equally, you should have a good dose of humility that YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RUN THE COMPANY because it is not yours.

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