Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Gift Guide

Are you really stuck on what to get people and want a unique gift that will make me smile.

Yup, this my gift guide if you were buying me a gift..kinda maybe you know another blogger that has implored you to give money away and smile at dogs while being depressed about decluttering their storage unit filled with family heirlooms as they help others find a job.

Let's get started.

I admit we do not take time to be grateful or remind ourselves that we are fortunate to be loved or blessed so the first gift item is a subscription to Loved and Blessed (3 months $60 shipping included)

Let's be honest the first three months of 2017 are going to be the hardest we as a nation have faced so get a subscription for yourself or someone you are worried about that may need a reminder that they are indeed loved and blessed. Also this subscription box makes a donation to Union Rescue Mission. 

Next up, after being hit by a car over 10 years ago I have refused to indulge in getting a wedge pillow. Instead I have piled up pillows and comforters to either raise my head or my legs. It is ridiculous. The House of Foam in Downtown Palo Alto (pricing varies) meets all your wedge pillow needs - seriously.

 I am serious because Mr. Foam has also been working on an insole that will help combat the wear and tear on your favorites.

Now, there is a lot of websites and places to go but definitely if you are doing your shopping online try eBates simply because for all the money you spend on other people you can get up to 3% back which is huge especially if you plan on spending over $100 trust me that $3 does add up quickly.

Now let's be honest I drink wine and I like wine. I have learned about wine for the past 25 years when upon moving to Washington State I got a tour of Chateau Ste. Michelle. I learned about the process and terroir. Then I got a great opportunity to work the retail store for Fortino Winery where my heart and palate were captured by the elusive Charbono grape. I still pick up a bottle of this or that but let's be honest I really like the Stelvin caps system that I found at Bonny Doon Vineyard  ($30 to #50)
So buy a case of wine and by a case you can actually now utilize PostNet  ($20) for sending wine so let's say you find a great bottle of wine at Grocery Outlet and voila you can send it!

Now, the next item may seem frivolous but since I have six pairs I can not stress the comfort and care level enough of thick socks ($15).

Finally, in closing in on this gift guide I can not stress the following item importance. The human body has one of the most durable muscle systems around and one system that we overlook even in winter is our skin. Skin health is so very important to our livelihood and ability to thrive I can not stress it enough. From our face to our feet the skin we live in is the most vital organ to our health that we just disregard.

So get some sunscreen
 Even in December where the sun here in California forces us to put on shorts and sweatshirts we can suffer some pretty serious sunburns ....IN DECEMBER. So whether you buy high end or from ULine (30 spf 100 ct box $70) get some sunscreen for those you love. 

Later on I will showcase some gifts that do some good ! 

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