Thursday, December 8, 2016

Support Your Home Team!

I admit I was going to take the whole President-Elect thing with a grain of salt but I think that the city of Salt Lake might go bankrupt with this imbecile trying to prove me right " he should not have access to the nuclear launch codes "

Okay that was my rant for the day let's get back to the community and by community I mean mine.

You support the home team and for me that includes the San Jose Sharks ! I recently (like yesterday)  caught a game at the greatest stadium ever the Shark Tank (aka SAP Center )

First off, it is spacious! there is a space for you to wander the building pretty comfortably and better than that there is food selection and puck raffles galore. Trust me this is the place to go.

Here is some photos...

Thanks to the Entire Team and the amazing SAP Staff and San Diego Tourism Authority
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