Sunday, December 11, 2016

That Gift for Everyone Else

While I admit I would love a supply of Zyflamend to arrive monthly or whenever I run out let's be honest how many bloggers do you know that need a natural anti inflammatory?

So let's get right down to it ....if you are even thinking about going to one movie this year or next or the next 5 years you will probably see something from Marvel or DC or Disney and it will be make you a geek. So get that person who doesn't admit to squealing in delight when Spiderman Homecoming 23500 is announced Get them Loot Crate or Nerd Block
 both are pretty darn amazing and again you can prepay for 3 months so about $70 ( shipping is included ) and they be so happy about everything and might learn somethint really really cool like how to fight zombies and a great t-shirt.

Next up, if they really ask for wireless over the ear headphone set get them that but to look like a majority of really smart people get them wireless earbuds  its an absolute life saver on the train me on this

Speaking of the train most people commute but most commuter mugs hold about 12 oz of beverage hot or cold for just 8 to 12 hours. So that is not convenient since it only usually takes the average person to drink 12 oz in about 30 minutes. Get them the sleek 24 oz

Contigo thermos its totally the best thing around and keeps liquids from coming out at the different stops and starts of the train or bus or car they drive.

Next, gift them a Zipcar membership with $100 driving credit because you know when they have to put the car in the shop or they can't get on rental car plan because their credit card is prepaid (lame rule rental car companies very lame rule ). Zipcar is awesome just ask me (also you can give driving credit to an existing member - HINT SIBLINGS HINT)

Now you are probably wondering what the person who has everything really needs and I am going to be honest I don't know anyone that has everything but who would not want 4lbs of Belgium chocolate from Trader Joes? Okay that is ridiculous so let's get them the best option out there that is intimate without being so weird that they will never speak to you again

La Mer  Creme Moisturizer it is seriously the stuff of legend both men and women fawn over it like its gold and for the price of it might as well be.

If that fails and they really like wine I say this with some understanding that wine is particular and as long as they are US Residents....sign them up for Nocking Point the Stephen Amell and Andrew Harding started it just over 3 years ago and just released their first sparkling wine that was produced by Gruet Winery one of my personal faves that I discovered courtesy of Cava Wine bar in 2007.

I am not going to lie there is about a dozen or so great ways to gift a tie but Ink was a Kickstarter project that is now a reality and some people like skinny ties ...these are awesome!

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